• Welcome to iLRN

    Welcome to iLRN

    The Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN) is an international organization of developers, educators, and research professionals collaborating to develop a the scientific, technical, and applied potential of immersive learning [...]
  • iLRN 2018 Conference

    iLRN 2018 Conference

    The Immersive Learning Research Network announced the iLRN 2018 Conference, which will be held on 25th-28th June at Montana, USA [...]
  • The Versatilist

    The Versatilist

    “The Versatilist” is iLRN's official podcast, where you can catch up with the latest news in immersive learning across the disciplines. Hosted by Patrick O'Shea, he chats every week with different guests who do important work in the field. [...]
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    Join us

    Are you interested on immersive learning? Then join iLRN! We invite developers, educators, researchers, and business professionals to join and collaborate to develop the scientific, technical, and applied potential of immersive learning. Plus, it's free! [...]



Upcoming Events


iLRN 2018 Conference

June 25-28, 2018

Montana, USA


iLRN 2019 Conference

June, 2019

London, UK

Invited Articles

  • Immersion: The Reenactment of Myth

    March 17, 2015

    By Carlos Sanchez-Lozano

    During ILRN’s first meeting, we were able to see a variety of immersive environments. We saw different types of very interesting applications: a 3D space to deal with fire safety, a 2D application to teach people the habit of writing, an environment to develop health skills, among others. I would say that what makes them all immersive despite their contrasting characteristics is their ability to produce deep involvement with a specific objective in mind. In my opinion, the effectiveness of these environments lies in… […]

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