iLRN Prague 2015 Keynote – The Immersive Web: Fact, Fiction or Future? by Colin Allison

February 25, 2015

The Immersive Learning Research Network is happy to announce Dr. Colin Allison as a keynote speaker for iLRN Prague 2015. He has worked for over twenty years in two complementary research strands: the use of networked and distributed systems to support teaching and learning, and the analyses of systems and networks when used for these purposes, sometimes characterised as Quality of Service for Quality of Experience. In his talk The Immersive Web: Fact, Fiction or Future?, Dr. Allison will review some of the achivements of 3D immersive technologies as well as the challenges for a much wider adoption… […]


Invitation to participate in the ILRN MERLOT Immersive Environment

February 9, 2015

On behalf of the Immersive Learning Research Network and MERLOT, we would like to invite you to consider joining the “Immersive Environments” Taskforce – intending to showcase useful examples in Higher Education of immersive learning across the disciplines within one of the largest and longest-running collections of learning materials in the world: MERLOT. […]