About us

The Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN) is an international organization of developers, educators, and research professionals collaborating to develop the scientific, technical, and applied potential of immersive learning.

Effective immersive learning experiences are created within multiple media using myriad techniques and employing a wealth of knowledge that spans many disciplines – including, but not limited to: computer science, user experience and media design, the learning sciences, architecture, game development, artificial intelligence, biology, medicine, and the thousands of disciplinary and occupational content areas wherein immersive learning and training may be relevant. Together, we seek to operationally define across these interdisciplinary contexts the properties, contexts, conditions, procedures, states, measures, and outcomes that converge to reliably create an effective immersive learning experience for learners.


Thus, iLRN will seek out, innovate, and share the evidence and potential for immersive learning.

To achieve this vision, the iLRN’s mission is to invite and organize scientists, practitioners, organizations, and innovators from across the disciplines to explore, describe, showcase, and apply the optimal use of immersive worlds and environments for formal and informal educational purposes.

Specifically, iLRN will:

  • Actively solicit individuals, groups, and organizations to participate in mutually beneficial dialogue and activities around the industry and academic community operational definition/s of “immersive learning” and optimal examples of such situated within particular meaningful learning contexts
  • Seek out methods and routines to bridge the many practices and disciplines that are expert to immersive learning to decipher a common language that enables effective academic and practical communication – as well as a set of practices that is conducive to shared, geo-distributed collaborative practice around immersive learning.
  • Develop a comprehensive research and outreach agenda that encompasses the breadth and scope of learning potentialities, affordances and challenges of immersive learning environments.
  • Build capacity to demonstrate how these immersive learning environments best work using a variety of meaningful research methods and outreach strategies.
  • Support and create opportunities for ILRN members to meet and share in collaborative contexts, build their professional immersive learning research and development capacities, and lead their respective academic and industry fields in immersive learning knowledge and innovation.