Call for Games at the 3rd International Competition on Educational Games

Games submitted to the competition are expected to accomplish an educational goal. The organisers welcome contributions relevant to all levels of learning (primary, secondary, tertiary or professional. Both digital and non-digital games are encouraged. Competitors should be prepared to explain their design and evaluation process, why it is innovative (the game itself or its educational setting) and how they achieved (will achieve) the impact they seek. The game should be in a development state that engages the player for at least 10 minutes.

The 3rd International Educational  Games Competition will be held in conjunction with the European Conference on Game-Based Learning (ECGBL) in Steinkjer, Norway on 8 -9 October 2015. The aims of this competition are:

  • To provide an opportunity for educational game designers and creators to participate in the conference and demonstrate their game design and development skills in an international competition.
  • To provide an opportunity for GBL creators to peer-assess and peer-evaluate their games.
  • To provide ECGBL 2015 attendees with engaging and best-practice games that showcase exemplary applications of GBL.

The closing date for submissions is the 16th of June. For further details see: