iLRN Conferences: Face – to – face gatherings of iLRN members and interested affiliates may occur from time to time. Many immersive experiences require a physical presnece (e.g. architectural builds or geo-situated augmented reality experiences) and gatherings of immersive learning experts from across the disciplines to collaborate, build interdisciplinary capacity, create shared value, and may have multiple positive outcomes. Members in Good Standing of the Immersive Learning Research Network who wish to play a regional or national leadership role are invited to collaborate with the iLRN Executive Board to facilitate the development of a conference, workshop, or hosted showcase event designed around a disciplinary theme and host such an event.

iLRN Simulcasts: iLRN will host online presentations and meetings – in many cases within and as part of the regular schedule for the Face – to – face iLRN Conferences – but others, solely online.

Other, non-sanctioned meetings: The Immersive Learning Research Network will host, sponsor, and/or collaborate to the extent possible with existing simulcasts, conferences and events that bring together current and/or potential members to connect and share or otherwise act in such a way as to fulfill the mission – that is, “ to seek out, innovate and share the evidence and potential for immersive learning” – whether in a specific or general ways. To continuously succeed at our collective mission, iLRN members participating in conferences, workshops, and other activities around the world are encouraged to represent iLRN at any event and report to members the findings, value, and/or developments of these meetings – particularly about immersive learning.

Online Showcase of Immersive Learning: As a major component of the network’s outreach activities, iLRN will engage in the ongoing capture and display of the scope and variety of Immersive Learning Experiences. Ostensibly viewed as a visual companion or counterpart to the various academic, trade, and publicly accessible writing about Immersive Learning, the video, images and “machinima” about Immersive Learning experiences generated and shared by iLRN members and others will serve as tangible examples and referent objects of these experiences. The MERLOT Immersive Environments Taskforce project is an initial example of iLRN’s output in this category.

Immersive Learning Innovation, Events and Research News: iLRN will use social media to publish and transmit continuous updates about Immersive Learning – with a quarterly email newsletter sent out from the Executive Committee.

Knowledge Base and Scholarship Network:

● The MERLOT immersive environments Taskforce
● Membership Directory and Map: by “immersive” specialty
● Shared Literature Review
● Journals:
○ International Virtual and Personal Learning Environments Journal (IGI)
○ ASHE Monograph
○ EAI Endorsed Transactions on Future Intelligent Educational Environments