Geoff Pepos to be a Featured Speaker at ILRN 2016 in Santa Barbara

The Immersive Learning Research Network (ILRN) is happy to announce that Geoff Pepos will be a Featured Speaker and Playground Leader at ILRN 2016 in Santa Barbara, California, USA.
Geoff Pepos ZACC1Pepos, who founded next-generation media company, has a diverse field of interests which includes documentary and feature filmmaking, sound design, music composition, interactive art installation, and software development.
In 2001, he served as producer, cinematographer, editor and composer for “Some Body,” which was picked as an official selection for the Sundance Film Festival Dramatic Competition. It was the first film in Sundance Competition to be completely created and projected digitally. Geoff Pepos PaintingHe also produced and edited a compelling PBS documentary, “South Central Farm: Oasis in a Concrete Desert,” about the struggle to save a Los Angeles urban farm from destruction by a property developer.His first foray into art and technology was to record saxophone and clarinet duets with himself using a pair of cheap cassette recorders. As a kid, his father brought home a PC and asked him to build an accounting system for his business. While Geoff did not build the first iteration, he was keen on learning from the programmers his dad hired. Subsequently he did continue the development andreimagining of the system through four languages and three operating systems.Mr. Pepos began working in virtual reality in early 2015, a medium that ultimately blends his skills in film, music and code.Pepos will present a hands-on demo and hold an interactive discussion around his piece, “VR Glacial Lake Missoula, 10,000 years in the past, or 10,000 years into the future.”

Geoff Pepos Independent CoverCome to ILRN 2016 Santa Barbara and let’s play!

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