iLRN Annual Sponsorship

To further the interests of immersive learning research and scholarship, the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN):

  1. Identifies innovations, trends, evidence, and scholarship useful for design, creation, and testing of immersive learning applications;
  2. Hosts meetings, events, and forums for showcasing immersive learning scholarship, development, and possibilities;
  3. Builds a usable comprehensive database of scholarly literature on immersive learning and relevant showcase for education specialists and the public;
  4. Engages in advocacy for evidence-based immersive learning design and innovation;
  5. Supports proliferation of immersive learning applications, scholarships, and showcases;
  6. Provides support and prizes for career scholars and developers in immersive learning fields;
  7. Fosters an appreciation of immersive learning potential in the academy, as well as across industry and throughout the general population.

Your sponsorship will help us achieve all these goals.

please contact us at to inquire about a sponsorship levels and benefits package!

Last updated July, 2019