House of Language, Culture, and Heritage

1) iLRN’s House of Language, Culture, and Heritage is a growing community of transdisciplinary scholars working to model the possible in the development of theories, and deployment of practices, of Immersive Learning in Language, Culture and Heritage research and education.

2) We come together inspired by the conviction that extended cognition, immersive technologies (XR) and spatial computing empower a kind of enhanced human situatedness, human presence, and human perspective that open up and invite new questions, new narratives of research, interpretation, understanding, assessment, and intervention in traditionally humanistic disciplines.

3) We want to leverage the formidable lenses and scalable processes that XR- enabled technologies and methods now provide to asking the ever-essential questions of what it means to be human, in all its dimensions.

4) We test methods and assumptions to re-evaluate cultural meanings based on the extended humanities that new systems of knowledge afford.

5) We show how XR literacy can transform the way we belong, understand, and interpret the world by mapping existing vocabularies into new cognitive languages, build new ontologies where our existing are insufficient, and bring our academic literatures into this new paradigm in a cohesive manner that contours a shared foundational scholarly language.

For more information on activities and membership to the iLRN House of Language, Culture, and Heritage, please register as a member of the Immersive Learning Research Network and email [email protected]