Keynote Presentations and Featured Speakers

Keynote Presentations and Featured Speakers

Designing for Attention in Virtual Environments (or: How a Camera Changes Everything) by Crista Lopes

3D virtual environments are a new world for user experience design. Unlike 2D media, they include the 3rd dimension, which gives people a lot more degrees of freedom with respect to what to pay attention […]

Artificial Life and Virtual Worlds by Jeffrey Ventrella

Artificial Life and Virtual Worlds For over 20 years, Jeffrey Ventrella has been an innovator at the intersection of artificial life, virtual worlds, digital art, and user interaction. While he was a researcher at the […]

Daniel Livingstone

Advances in 3D and immersive technologies have, to a large extent, prioritised the production of photo-realistic 3D spaces. Added to this, the past decade has seen audio increasingly recognised for its key contribution to immersion in both […]

Geoff Pepos

Geoff Pepos, who founded next-generation media company, has a diverse field of interests which includes documentary and feature filmmaking, sound design, music composition, interactive art installation, and software development.In 2001, he served as producer, cinematographer, […]

Jim Blascovich

Jim has been continually supported by the National Science Foundation for 20 years as well as the National Institutes of Health, the Army Research Laboratory, as well as various other firms. He is also Co-Director […]

Moving Immersive Learning Research Forward by Ben Erlandson

As we continue to bring the Immersive Learning Research Network to scale, what are some practical ways forward for collaboration across key stakeholders with various levels of participation in this network?  Highlighting several key exemplars presented […]

Transmedia for Immersive Learning: The Design and Study of Alternate and Augmented Reality Play Experiences by Scott Warren

Henry Jenkins popularized the term transmedia storytelling, emphasizing the role of narrative as a learning support structure. Various authors have noted stories function as important cognitive events, collected to meaningfully synthesize information, knowledge, context, and […]