iLRN 2016 Program

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Program Overview

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Programme Overview

June 27


June 28


June 29


June 30


July 1






BreakfastDe LaGuerra Dining Hall
9:00 Opening Welcome to ILRN 2016: “Year of The Versatilist”

Patrick O’Shea, Christian Gütl, Jonathon Richter

Featured Speaker

Jim Blascovich

Featured Speaker

Scott Warren

Closing Plenary

Ben Erlandson

Keynote Speaker

Crista Lopez

Short Break Papers P3 Papers P4 Fast Forward: Lightning Rounds of What’s Next
Papers P1 End of conference
12:00 LunchCarillo Dining Commons
13:00 #iLRN16_SFP

workshop and competition


In partnership with the Creative Science Foundation.

Posters, Demos and Versatilist Podcast Recording Sessions
Featured Spkr

Jeffrey Ventrella

Featured Spkr

Geoff Pepos

Featured Spkr

Daniel Livingstone

Papers P2 Parallel Special Tracks

·      K12 and School Tech

·       The Future of Education

Parallel Special Tracks

·      Serious Cognitive Gaming

·      Immersive and Engaging Educational Experiences

Short Break
Posters overview
17:00 Break
18:00 DinnerDe LaGuerra Dining Hall ILRN 2016 Awards Banquet and Costume Ball

Alumni Hall

Social activities
19:00 Settle in the dorms Beach walk
20:00 Social activities Meal on the pier

* In partnership with the Creative Science Foundation.

Monday, June 27th
12:00 Early check-in and Lunch Carillo Dining
14:00 Welcome to #ilrn16_SFP Workshop*
Jonathon Richter
14:15 Invited talk
Brian David Johnson (via Skype)
14:45 Introduction to SFP
Vic Callaghan
15:30 Coffee/tea & Ideation Sessions
16:30 Group presentations of µSFP (5 minute per group)
Facilitators: Dennis Beck, Christian Gütl, Leonel Caseiro Morgado, Michael Gardner, Jonathon Richter & Vic Callaghan
17:00 Vote on best group µSFP
Michael Gardner
17:15 Prize
Jonathon Richter
17:20 Overview of follow-on µSFP competition
Vic Callaghan
17:30 Concluding Session
Jonathon Richter
18:00 Dinner De LaGuerra
19:00 Settle in dorms
20:00 Games and VR in the Anacapa Lounge!

* In partnership with the Creative Science Foundation.

Tuesday, June 28th
8:00 Breakfast De LaGuerra
9:00 Patrick O’Shea, Christian Gütl, Jonathan Richter Opening Welcome to ILRN 2016: “Year of The Versatilist” McCune
9:30 Keynote Speaker:
Crista Lopez
Chair: Patrick O’Shea
Designing for Attention in Virtual Environments (or: How a Camera Changes Everything) McCune
10:30 Break
11:00 Papers Session P1      Chair: Michael Gardner
Exploratory and Collaborative Learning Experience in Immersive Environments – Implementation and Findings from an Archaeological Domain

Christian Gütl, Lisa Maria Tomes, Johanna Pirker and Vanessa Chang



Requirements for the use of virtual worlds in corporate training – Perspectives from the post-mortem of a corporate e-learning provider approach of Second Life and OpenSimulator

Leonel Morgado, Hugo Paredes, Benjamim Fonseca, Paulo Martins, Ricardo Antunes, Lúcia Moreira, Fausto de Carvalho, Filipe Peixinho and Arnaldo Santos.

12:00 Lunch Carillo
13:00 Hands On Demos & Versatilist Podcast Recording Sessions Seminar room
13:45 Featured Speaker:
Jeffrey Ventrella
Chair: Johanna Pirker
Artificial Life and Virtual Worlds McCune


14:30 Short break
14:45 Papers Session P2                  Chair: Christian Gütl
Virtual Worlds and the 3D Web – time for convergence?

Hussein Bakri, Colin Allison, Alan Miller, Iain Oliver

Self-regulated Learning in Computer Programming: strategies students adopted during an assignment       

Daniela Pedrosa, José Cravino, Leonel  Morgado and Carlos Barreira

Learning to Program using Immersive Approaches: A Case Study Learning SAS®, IBM Bluemix and Watson Analytics

Richard Self

16:00 short break
16:15 Poster Overviews      Chair: Kai Erenli
Creating a sense of presence in 3 dimensional online environments for education: learning together while being apart

Adriana D’ Alba

Conversation-based support for French extracurricular school activities in the context of smart territories through complaint management and automated learning

Laetitia Le Chatton

Merging the virtual and the real: A collaborative cross-reality game

Jessica Bergs, Daniel Livingstone and Brian Loranger

The Flipped Lab: re-imagining science education with next-generation virtual laboratories  
Guido Makransky

16:45 break
18:00 dinner De LaGuerra
19:00 … a long walk on the beach: just you and iLRN
Wednesday, June 29th
8:00 Breakfast De LaGuerra
9:00 Featured Speaker:
Jim Blascovich
Chair: Michael Gardner
Social motivation in immersive environments McCune
10:00 break
10:30 Papers Session P3                  Chair: Daniel Livingstone
Virtual reality for Early Education: A Study
Adeola Fabola and Alan Miller
Towards Measuring User Experience, Activation and Task Performance in Immersive Virtual Learning Environments for Students

Daniela Janssen, Christian Tummel, Anja Richert and Ingrid Isenhardt

Designing a Learning Analytics Application to Improve Learner Success in Interactions Based on Multimodal Dialogue Systems

Emmanuel Ferreyra Olivares, Pierre Albert, Joy van Helvert and Michael Gardner

12:00 Lunch Carillo
13:00 Posters, Hands On Demos & Versatilist Podcast Recording Sessions Seminar Room
13:45 Featured Speaker:
Geoff Pepos
Chair: Leonel Morgado
VR Glacial Lake Missoula, 10,000 years in the past, or 10,1000 years into the Future McCune
14:30 short break
14:45 Special Track 1:   K12 and School Tech         Chair: Dennis Beck
Welcome to Gallery 5 – An immersive digital art experience

Dennis Beck, Scott Warren and Anne Kraybill

Developing Serious Games to Improve Learning and Increase Interest in STEM Careers for Middle School Students: The Mice of Riddle Place®

Charles Raffety, Theodore Prawat, Jonathon Richter, Raymond Hamilton, Melisa Schelvan, Paulette Jones and Andrij Holian

Best Practices for Developing an Online Digital Learning Aid towards Systems Engineering                                       

Parisa Pouya and Stephanie E. August

Simulations as Immersive Spaces for Learning                 

Stephen Bronack

Using TeachLive Across the Developmental Continuum for New Teachers

Sally Spencer and Beth Lasky

14:45 Special Track 3:  The Future of Education     Chair: Jonathan Richter
Mind, the Gap
Paul McCullagh
Seminar room
An Online Immersive Reality Innovation-Lab

Victor Callaghan, Marc Davies and Shumei Zhang

Olive Dreams of Elephants: Game-Based Learning for School Readiness and Pre-Literacy in Young Children
Carly Kocurek and Jennifer Miller
The 21st Century Interpreter: Exploring the use of smart-glasses for technology-augmented interpreting

Chantel  Dan Chen, Victor Callaghan and Florence Myles

Observation Lenses for Assessing Online Collaborative Learning Environment

Samah Felemban, Michael Gardner and Victor Callaghan

17:00 break
18:00 Awards Banquet and Costume Ball Alumni Hall
Thursday, June 30th
8:00 Breakfast De LaGuerra
9:00 Featured Speaker:
Scott Warren 
Chair: Dennis Beck
Transmedia for Immersive Learning: The Design and Study of Alternate and Augmented Reality Play Experiences McCune


10:00 break
10:30 Papers Session P4  Chair: Leonel Morgado
Strategies to Design a Mixed-Reality Immersive Environment and Influence Teen Health Behaviors           

Béatrice Moissinac, Kimmy Hescock, Jon Dorbolo, Siew Sun Wong and Melinda Manore

Augmented Reality In Education: An Exploration and Analysis of Currently Available Educational Apps
Patrick O’Shea and Jennifer Elliott
 Seminar room
Legal Aspects of AR-Projects in an Educational Environment
Kai Erenli
12:00 Lunch Carillo
13:00 Posters, Hands On Demos & Versatilist Podcast Recording Sessions Seminar room
13:45 Featured Speaker:
Daniel Livingstone 
Chair: Christian Gütl
Photo-realistic 3D environments:

research at the GSA Digital Design Studio

14:30 short break
14:45 Special Track 4: Serious Cognitive Gaming               Chair: Markos  Mentzelopoulos
REVRLaw: An Immersive Way for Teaching Criminal Law using Virtual Reality

Markos Mentzelopoulos, James Parrish, Paresh Kathrani and Daphne Economou

Cognitive Principles for Education-Based Learning in Young Children

Jennifer Miller and Carly Kocurek

New Directions in Cognitive Educational Game Design

Ivo Bril, Nick Degens and Eelco Braad

Serious Games in 2025: Towards Intelligent Learning in Virtual Worlds

Ishbel Duncan, Alan Miller and Adeola Fabola

14:45 ST-6: Immersive and Engaging Educational Experiences  Chair: Johanna Pirker
Inducing Emotional Response in Interactive Media: A Pilot Study

Keenan Reimer and Foaad Khosmood

Seminar room
Computational thinking and social skills in Virtuoso: An immersive, digital game-based learning environment for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Matthew Schmidt and Dennis Beck

Note-Taking in Virtual Reality Using Visual Hyperlinks and Annotations

Scott Greenwald, Daniel Citron, Hisham Bedri and Pattie Maes

Designing Immersive Transmedia Learning Experiences

Scott Warren and Dennis Beck

Simulations in Prison eLearning: A conceptual overview                             

Kim Read

17:00 break
5:30 – 6:15 pm Visit the Gladwin Planetarium at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History (free to ILRN attendees but limited to 35 guests)

Must leave early – be there by 5:15p – 16 minute bus ride: Take the bus (red line, either 9 or 11) from the Bus Loop beside Pollack Theater near the conference to Pueblo Street. Walk back one block and then up the hill on Los Olivos for 5 blocks to the Old Mission. This walk will be about one mile (1.6 km). Please dress accordingly.  Following the planetarium tour, we will walk back to the red line and take the bus downtown for dinner near the WorldViz tour group.

Gladwin Planetarium at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
6:00 – 7:30 pm  Visit WorldViz virtual reality software Headquarters at 614 Santa Barbara Street (free to ILRN attendees but limited to 25 guests)

Leaving campus on the bus at 1700 (40 minute bus ride) should be sufficient: Take the bus (red line, either 9 or 11) from the Bus Loop beside Pollack Theater near the conference to the MTD Transit Center; walk for .7 miles (12 minutes).

614 Santa Barbara Street
8:00 pm No-Host Dinner Reservations for ILRN Attendees at Paseo’s located at: 10 El Paseo, Santa Barbara, CA – come and share your ideas for next year!

From WorldViz HQ head up Santa Barbara, 1st Left on E.Ortega, then Right on Anacapa. The restaurant is up on your left. (6 minutes).

Afterwards, take the red line, either 9 or 11 back to campus.

10 El Paseo, Santa Barbara, CA
Friday, July 1st
8:00 Breakfast De LaGuerra
9:00 Closing Plenary:
 Ben Erlandson Chair: Jonathon Richter
Moving Immersive Learning Research Forward McCune
10:00 break
10:30 Fast forward:

Lightning Rounds of What’s Next

11:00 Check out of dorms and goodbyes