iLRN 2016 Workshops


Have a particular focus or aspect of immersive learning that you’d like to engage with your colleagues?

Workshop contributions are intended to cover a variety of aspects (from idea stages to practical experiences) in different presentation forms (such as talks, demonstrations or round-table discussions). Contributions are required to be summarized in an abstract form, have to undergo an appropriate quality control and only the abstracts (1 page) will be included in the proceedings; exception would be hands-on demo papers which must not exceed 4 pages.

Workshop Proposal

Workshop proposal submissions should contain the following sections in the suggested order and must not exceed 2 pages. The only accepted format is PDF.

  • A concise Workshop title.
  • The names and affiliations of the organizers; typically it should count no more than three co-chairs preferably affiliated with different organizations.
  • Proposed duration of the Workshop (one session, half or full day.)
  • A two-paragraph description of the Workshop topic, themes and relevance.
  • If the Workshop was conducted before, where and when was it conducted?
  • A description of the Workshop format: contribution formats should follow the options described in the main conference, publications to be published must follow types and formats specified in the main conference. Please also outline, if invited speakers are involved.
  • A description of how Workshop submissions will be evaluated, and a tentative PC list (with indication of whether PC members have already been contacted and/or have expressed interest.) Indented deadlines for distributing the call, contribution submissions and the review process must be outlined. Deadlines for notification of authors and final papers submission must be in line with the deadlines outlined in the main conference.
  • An indication on whether the Workshop registration will be open to all interested registered parties or limited.
  • A short bio of the Workshop organizers, including a description of their qualifications relative to the topic area, and past experience in organizing/facilitating Workshops or research meetings.


The review process of proposal submissions focuses on the expertise of the Workshop chairs in as well as the relevance and soundness of the Workshop topic, the appropriateness of the intended format for the Workshop, the quality of the PC members, and the review process for the Workshop.

For submitting a workshop proposal, please use the submission system and select the track “iLRN Workshops” to add your submission.