iLRN 2017 Information for attendees


Venue Address Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação
R. Colégio Novo 10A,
3001-802 Coimbra, Portugal
+351 239 851 450

iLRN 2017 takes place in Coimbra, a former medieval capital city of Portugal, at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Coimbra, in cooperation with Universidade Aberta, Portugals e-learning university.

Coimbra is in central Portugal, well connected by train (18-20 schedules every day) to Porto and Lisbon. Airports in Porto and Lisbon have regular scheduled flights to/from all major European destinations and major world cities. They also have direct subway/metro connections to the train stations. The University is one of the oldest in the world, dating from 1290, its main building being the former Royal Palace of 1537. This and many colleges and other buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries are now a UNESCO World Heritage site. The venue building is the College of Santo Agostinho, built in 1593. Coimbra is known as the city of students or the Portuguese Athens due to the universitys central location and role in the history of the city.


For travel

Arriving via Porto:

– At the airport, take subway line E for 30 minutes until the Campanhã train station stop. Pick one of the hourly trains to Coimbra-B (1 hour ride). The shuttle to central Coimbra is free.

Arriving via Lisbon:

– At the airport, take the Red subway line for 6 minutes until the Oriente train station stop. Pick one of the hourly trains to Coimbra-B (1h40 minutes ride). The shuttle to central Coimbra is free.

If you prefer driving:

– From either Porto (130 km) or Lisbon airports (200 km), take highway A1 until Coimbra. There is free parking in many hotels and also behind the Coimbra-B train station.


A number of hotels, guesthouses and B&B are available near the venue. Some websites to check for accommodation are and

hotels_map_ilrn_2017Hostels & Guesthouses:
* Guesthouse Casa Pombal (250 meters)
* Serenata Hostel (280 meters)
* Pensão Santa Cruz (400 meters)
* Ascote House (300 meters)
* NS Hostel & Suites (850 meters)

Hotels, 3-star, 2-star, 1-star:
* Hotel Larbelo (550 meters)
* Hotel Oslo (600 meters)
* Hotel Bragança (600 meters)
* Hotel Astória (700 meters)
* Hotel Almedina (750 meters)
* Hotel Ibis (900 meters)

Hotels, 4-star:
* Tivoli Coimbra (950 meters)
* Vila Galé Coimbra (1.2 km)
* TRYP Coimbra (1.7 km)
* Quinta das Lágrimas (1.7 km)