iLRN 2017 Breakout Panel Sessions

Conference Breakout Panels organize expert opinions on a topic in a short amount of time.

Breakout Panels usually consist of between 3 – 5 experts discussing a specific topic or challenge and moderated by a session chair. These sessions are intended to engage the audience and are, thus, more open and interactive than traditional presentations by design.  Because panelists often take different perspectives and offer different solutions to problems, these sessions are great for public conversations on issues that are common to many audience members.

Organizers of accepted Breakout Panel sessions are expected to:

  • Determine the submission deadline (As a general guideline, this date should be BEFORE the notification date for regular iLRN papers.) This is so that the event can be used to advertise and promote the session and the conference, generally.
  • Handle the Breakout Panel development & session organization process, including working with the iLRN Conference Committee on all details relevant to the session.
  • Publicize the Breakout Panel Session in the relevant communities
  • Prepare Breakout Panel notes to be distributed (possibly online) to attendees
  • Attend the Breakout Panel in person, if not the Session Chair.

How to submit a proposal?

Breakout Panel proposals should be submitted in PDF using the iLRN EasyChair submission
system. They should be limited to three pages and include the following information:

  • Proposed Breakout Panel session organizers (names, affiliations and email addresses; identify one person as the primary contact person)
  • Description or theme of the session: objectives, goals, relevance to iLRN, and expected outcomes
  • Rationale for holding such a panel session during iLRN 2017, including potential for interaction with the target audience
  • Description of target audience and estimated number of participants
  • Proposed Breakout Panel session duration (40 minutes is the standard), format, activities, and schedule.
  • Short biographical sketch for each Breakout Panel participant, describing relevant experience and qualifications as an “expert” in the theme / topic of the session.

For submitting proposal, please use the submission system and select ‘Breakout Panel Sessions’ to add your proposal.

Please note that ONLY abstracts of iLRN 2017 Workshops are to be included in published proceedings.