iLRN 2017 Roundtable Discussions

Invite ILRN Conference attendees to sit down and discuss the trends, challenges, and key ideas in the research and development of immersive learning. Industry-Academia Needs & Perspectives Roundtable / Lobbying / targeting / future services & products.

How to submit a proposal?

Roundtable Discussion proposals should be submitted in PDF using the iLRN EasyChair submission system. They should be limited to three pages and include the following information:

  • Roundtable Discussion organizers (names, affiliations and email addresses; identify one person as the primary contact person)
  • Description or theme of the session: objectives, goals, relevance to iLRN, and expected outcomes.
  • Description of target audience and estimated number of participants.
  • Rationale for holding such a Roundtable Discussion during iLRN 2017, including potential for dissemination to the target audience following the discussion.
  • Proposed Breakout Panel session duration (50 minutes is the standard), format, activities, and schedule.

For submitting proposal, please use the submission system and select ‘Roundtable Discussions’ to add your proposal.

Please note that only abstracts of iLRN 2017 Roundtable Discussion sessions are to be included in published proceedings.