iLRN 2017 Social Sunday Tour

Social Sunday Tour

If you are attending iLRN 2017, take advantage of this opportunity to meet fellow participants in advance and visit the countryside where foreigners rarely go!

Minimum 30 participants – $62 USD per person with lunch and dinner included.

We are trying our best to make iLRN a memorable event not just during the sessions, but also to generate opportunities to meet your colleagues in informal settings. We are keen in creating a vibrant experience for all attendees, where all get to know better and thus we can grow our research network.

Several participants will be arriving in Coimbra on Saturday and Sunday before the conference. So we have organized a social tour for Sunday. If you are travelling with your family or spouses/partners, they are most welcomed!
This tour will take you to medieval castles, Roman city ruins, rural mountain villages and will end by the sea.

  • If 30 participants register for this tour ($62 USD per person), we will hire a private bus for the tour.
  • If less than 30 register, we can still make it happen, but by car pooling, this is “bring you own (rental) car”. In that case, we will refund your booking payment of $62 USD, and each people will pay its own bill at the restaurants and museums fees (€20 / $23 USD per person approx.)
 Important: Departure location is in front of Hotel Astória in downtown Coimbra at 10:00 am  


How to register?

Please select the option needed and fill the form accordingly. You will need you credit card information to complete the payment.

 Registration is now closed. 


Only credit card payments accepted. Information about our Refundings and Cancellations Policy available here.


Tour Details

Sunday 25th
10:00 Departure from Hotel Astória (downtown Coimbra)
10:30 Ruins of the Roman city of Conímbriga
12:00 Stone masonry village Casal de São Simão
12:30 Traditional Portuguese food Lunch at the village restaurant, “Varandas do Casal”
14:00 Walk downhill to the river beach at nearby Crag of Saint Simon.
16:00 Medieval Turret built on top of Roman villa at Santiago da Guarda
16:45 Rotative windmills at Outeiro hilltop (we will skip this if we run late)
18:00 Medieval Castle at Montemor-o-Velho
19:30 Seafood dinner at Figueira da Fox, seaside city
22:30 Arrival in Coimbra (downtown)

Map Detail

Full route available at