Pioneer Educator Bonnie Bracey to present at iLRN 2018. Immerse in the Future: New Personalizations through Tech Use Arrive!


Bonnie Bracey

Pioneer online k12 educator in the United States

Immerse in the Future: New Personalizations through Tech Use Arrive!

We’re now able to conjure high quality museum artifacts for teaching and learning in classrooms, homes, and on the fly!  Through support from the Smithsonian Institute, Autodesk, and ESRI, world class educator Bonnie Bracey will challenge and change your ideas about the purpose and use of museums, how they work, and ways the presence of digital artifacts are already transforming learning experiences around the world.

Key to this system wide Immersive Learning transformation on our doorstep is a combination of two emerging concepts: the 3D Ecosystem and the “Internet of Things”, allowing everyone to scan, tell, and share digitally enhanced stories about the world around us with profound potential to have meaningful impact. Students can contribute their own artifacts to museum projects and scientists, curators, and other experts of all kinds with their works are now able to be where students need them to be most relevant: right in front of them. Let Bonnie show you this emerging future and give you resources you can use today!


Bonnie Bracey Sutton was the pioneer in the use of technology in the schools in the United States on an initial basis by being involved in the work of the US Department of Education, Frank Withrow, and Jenelle Leonard, and in the outreach to educators by Dr. Chris Dede who was then at George Mason University. He has supported her efforts to the National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council of the United States. Bonnie was the only K-12 teacher involved in the NIIAC committee. She was appointed by President Clinton, worked with Vice President Al Gore, and her work resulted in the only educational project of the council.

Bonnie worked with NASA on various education programs because of her interests in Space Science Education. She was honored to be a Challenger Fellow and taught and demonstrated Marsville, Mars City Alpha Workshops, Astronomy and Astrophysics.

She served on the advisory committee for the George Lucas Education Foundation for over a decade and the Microsoft Road Ahead program for 3 years. She has worked in 33 countries sharing technology. She also worked with NITI the National Indian Telecommunications Initiative from Santa Fe with Karen Buller.

Bonnie has a long history of involvement with the National Geographic Society. She participated in the National Geographic Summer Institute 1988 after a Fulbright to India. Her research was on Water Use in the World and specifically in the US. She currently works with ESRI to teach teachers about GIS and Earth Science Applications. She is T3G Qualified to EdConnect.

Bonnie was and still advocates for digital equity and social justice. She has been the chair of the ISTE digital equity group and the Chair of digital equity group earning honors in this work.

She has also worked with the World Summit on Media for Children chairing the technology initiative in its Athens Conference and traveling and working in 35 countries in outreach for the GII, and various digital equity groups. She continues to curate resources for others online and to do outreach for educators in Social Media.