iLRN 2020 Preparing your Camera-Ready Submission

Papers and proposals must be prepared in accordance with the guidelines for the relevant Stream (Academic or Practitioner) or Nontraditional Session Format (WorkshopSpecial sessionPanel session), using the appropriate template. Submissions will be accepted only via the conference’s online submission system; emailed submissions cannot be accommodated. A blind peer-review process will be used to evaluate all submissions.

Please note that the iLRN conference uses double-blind review, which means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process.  To facilitate this, authors need to ensure that their manuscripts are prepared in a way that does not give away their identity. Here are a few tips:

  • Remove names and affiliations under the title within the manuscript
  • Use the third person to refer to work the Authors have previously undertaken, e.g. replace any phrases like “as we have shown before” with “… has been shown before [Anonymous, 2007]” .
  • Make sure figures do not contain any affiliation related identifier
  • Cite papers published by the Author in the text as follows:  ‘[Author, 2007]’.
  • For blinding in the reference list:  ‘[Author, 2007] Details omitted for double-blind reviewing.’
  • Remove references to funding sources
  • Do not include acknowledgments
  • Remove any identifying information, including author names, from file names and ensure document properties are also anonymized

Paper Review Criteria

Papers will be reviewed using this evaluation criteria. Please keep these areas in mind when preparing your paper.