iLRN 2020 Conference Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

There are various opportunities to get involved with iLRN 2020 in a volunteer capacity, and including conference internships for students. Volunteers and interns gain valuable experience and expand their networks while doing something positive for the XR and immersive learning community.

The following roles are currently available:

  1. Session chair/facilitator (responsible for introducing presenters, keeping time, encouraging discussion and interaction, directing audience questions to presenters)
  2. Moderator (responsible for enforcing code of conduct, curbing disruptive behavior through access control and other means)
  3. Audio-visual/technical support
  4. Virtual event greeter/usher (responsible for helping attendees find their way around the virtual conference venue)
  5. Virtual event photographer (responsible for taking photographs of in-VR and other conference sessions/activities)
  6. Virtual event videographer (responsible for recording conference sessions in VR and livestreaming on YouTube/Twitch)
  7. 2D artist / illustrator
  8. 3D artist / modeler
  9. Graphic designer
  10. Documentation writers (responsible for writing instructions and guides/tutorials for presenters and attendees on wayfinding through the various online and virtual spaces/platforms used for the conference)
  11. Presentation concierge (responsible for coaching and assisting research faculty and other presenters transitioning their presentations to the virtual modality)
  12. General conference intern (for students only—provide general assistance and administrative/research support to the Conference Organizing Committee)

We are unable to offer remuneration to volunteers and interns, but they will receive free registration for the conference, provided they are not presenting and are not listed as authors on any papers to be published in the conference proceedings.