Guided Virtual Adventures are small-group guided tours of 50 minutes in duration to various social and collaborative VR/AR/MR (XR) or other immersive environments and platforms. Tour destinations may be:

  • a third-party XR/immersive platform with which the tour guide is familiar (e.g., Altspace, Mozilla Hubs, Facebook Horizons, Vive Sync, Somnium Space, OrbusVR, Second Life, Minecraft, World of Warcraft);
  • a specific virtual environment that the tour guide, their institution/organization, or someone else has developed within a third-party platform;
  • a platform that the tour guide or their institution/organization has developed, and/or specific environments within that platform.

The tour guide leads participants into the virtual spaces, co-discovering and video-documenting the learning potential and engagements found there for sharing with the wider iLRN community.

Proposals for Guided Virtual Adventures may be submitted at any time using the proposal form linked below, and are reviewed, accepted, and scheduled on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year. However, prospective tour guides specifically looking to offer their Adventures during the iLRN 2021 conference should endeavor to submit their proposals as soon as possible as the number of slots available is limited. Proposals received after all of the available slots have been filled will be considered for offering on dates/times before or after the conference.

Prospective Guided Virtual Adventure tour guides can generally expect to be contacted within 2-3 weeks after submitting their proposals.

Selection Criteria and Requirements 

  • Preference will be given to proposals that involve environments/platforms that are freely and openly accessible. iLRN also reserves the right to place limits on the number of tours of platforms/environments of a certain type or that address a particular target audience/application vertical.
  • Where possible, it is strongly recommended that multiple offerings of the tour are made available so as to cater for potential people in different time zones.
  • Guided Virtual Adventures are expected to produce, in the course of conducting the adventure, a video recording of the immersive/XR experience through which educators and others in the 
  • iLRN community might gain a sense of what the XR space is and how it might be useful for learning, teaching, and/or assessment.

Guided Virtual Adventures are intended to be social activities. As such, platforms and environments to be toured must support interaction among multiple users, and participants must be afforded such opportunities for interaction. Product demos or workshops/tutorials in which participants either passively “sit and watch” or undertake individual activities in isolation of one another are not suitable for the Guided Virtual Adventures program.


Nonprofit organizations and educational institutions may offer their Guided Virtual Adventures, if approved, at no cost to them. Companies wishing to offer Guided Virtual Adventure tours involving their commercial products and services may submit proposals for consideration, but may be asked to contribute a modest fee commensurate with the size of their companies that will help support iLRN’s nonprofit mission.

Participants in Guided Virtual Adventure tours will not be charged any fees, but in order to participate must give their consent to having their video and audio activity during the tour recorded.

Submitting a proposal

Please use the form below to propose an iLRN Guided Virtual Adventure.


Inquiries regarding Guided Virtual Adventures may be directed to [email protected].