The Practitioner Stream of the conference is for those who wish to present at the conference without publishing in the conference proceedings. Submissions are evaluated on the basis of a structured proposal. 

Practitioner Stream proposals will NOT be published in the conference proceedings or submitted to IEEE Xplore®. However, short descriptions of the sessions will be included in the conference program.

Practitioner presentation types

  • Practitioner oral presentation: In order to make the best possible use of the virtual conference medium, iLRN 2021 will adopt a “flipped” model for oral presentations whereby presenters are asked to pre-record a video describing their work for attendees to watch before attending the relevant live session, freeing up the bulk of the session time for interaction and audience questions. The video should be no more than 10 minutes in length and may be in either PechaKucha or another format of the presenter’s choosing. (Instructions and guidelines for the preparation and uploading of these videos are available here.) Presenters will be grouped together into one-hour sessions based on topics, with 2-3 presenters scheduled per session. During the session, each presenter will be asked to give a 5-minute slide-supported lightning talk recapping the main ideas from their video, and in the remaining time they will take part in a moderated discussion with the other presenters as well as with attendees, facilitated by a Session Chair.

  • Practitioner poster: A poster is a single image containing a visual display of the presenter’s work that will be shown in the virtual Expo Hall. Presenters are expected to station themselves by their posters and engage in dialogue with conference delegates about their work during a designated poster session. Poster presenters may also optionally create a pre-recorded video of no longer than 5 minutes in length and/or a Google Slide deck to complement their poster. (Instructions and guidelines for the preparation and uploading of these materials are available in here.)
  • Practitioner workshop: A 1- or 2-hour session that provides participants with an opportunity to extend their knowledge and strengthen their skills in a particular technical, pedagogical, design-related, or other area relevant to XR and immersive learning. The longer duration of these sessions allows presenters to delve deeper into the topics presented and to provide a collaborative, active learning environment for the attendees. Workshop attendees should leave with skills, knowledge or materials that they can use in their own research, practice, and/or scholarship.
  • Practitioner panel: Intended to engage attendees in multiple perspectives on a given issue relevant to the theme and scope of the conference. These sessions are 60 minutes in length and the number of panel sessions offered is limited. These sessions are intended to have a broader impact than regular oral presentation sessions, adding value to the iLRN 2021 conference experience by enhancing the knowledge of the session participants and helping advance scholarship, practice, or policy in XR and immersive learning.
  • Practitioner special session: An interactive session of either 30 or 60 minutes in length. The number of special sessions offered is limited. These sessions are intended to add value to the conference experience, enhance the knowledge of the session participants in a specialized topic area, and help advance scholarship, practice, or policy in XR and immersive learning.

Proposal guidelines

Proposals are required to include the following information, which should be drafted in a word processor and then copied and pasted into the relevant fields on the online proposal submission form:

  1. Short Description: A maximum 300-word summary of the proposed presentation or poster (For the conference program)
  2. Purpose: What topic or issue will your presentation or poster address? Why is it important and/or relevant?
  3. Target audience: Who is the target audience? Why would they be interested in your presentation or poster?
  4. Audience engagement: How will you engage and encourage interaction with your audience?
  5. Outcomes: What will the audience learn or gain? How will this benefit them, their students and/or their employers?

The length of the entire proposal should not exceed 1,000 words.

Proposal review criteria

Practitioner Stream proposals will be reviewed using the following weighted criteria:

  • Contribution to immersive learning research and/or practice (50%)
  • Originality and/or innovativeness (25%)
  • Presentation style of salient events (25%)

Proposal submission

Practitioner Stream proposals should be submitted via the form below and not through ConfTool.

Registration requirements

All presenters listed on a contribution that is accepted for the Practitioner Stream must register for the conference in order to present their contribution. They may do so at the Practitioner rate, provided they are not listed as authors on any Academic Stream papers.