Open discussions, collaborative brainstorming, and thinking-out-loud ideation are in the focus of Divergent Thinking Sessions (DTS). Attendees will have the opportunity to share their ideas, discuss, and socialize with one another in a more informal atmosphere. The goal is to find possible solutions to existing problems in VR/AR/MR (XR).

DTS is open to all participants of the iLRN conference. Whether you are joining the main conference or not, all researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts are welcome to join this collaborative, fast-paced activity.

How to Participate

You are welcome to join.

Participants of DTS are encouraged to submit an objective to be considered in the sessions. Submission is possible through the form linked below.

Examples of objectives include:

  • Lee wants to know: How can AR technology be implemented to monitor student engagement in the classroom?
  • John wants to know: Can XR improve the relationship between students and teachers?
  • Deborah wants to know: How can Magic Leap be used in the classroom?

Benefits of participation

The iLRN 2021 DTS will provide everyone with an opportunity to:

  • Freely create ideas: Brainstorm and discuss potential ideas and solutions to problems
  • Network over discussions: Identify similar interests and potential future collaboration opportunities with other participants


Inquiries regarding the iLRN 2021 Divergent Thinking Sessions may be directed to the Student Forum Chairs at [email protected].