Transcendence is perhaps life’s highest calling. During times of difficulty such as the one facing humanity now with the global Pandemic, we are called to be resolute in surviving, sure, but also to go beyond and help others, to use what’s available to us now in ways that will help us go far beyond what we’ve done before. Envisioning what’s possible under truly challenging circumstances is a high calling for educators: the creation of a future where all may prosper. Transcendence is also inherent in the ultimate role of Science, itself, proven by History in enabling us over time to see what it is true and to leverage our knowledge for the betterment of humankind and the world. Transcendence is work but it’s also leveraged by vision and hope – the source of which is often found throughout the Arts and Humanities – in design, illustration, music, performance, and inspirational events coordination. 

At iLRN 2021, we call on the many kinds of experts involved in Immersive Learning to envision how we might use these powerful new XR tools and the emergent knowledge of How People Learn to transform learning, working, play, and our communities. We call on the experts of these disciplines to envision ways of working together to better engage in our work in ways befitting the world we live in – and the world we could build together with vision, integrity, and collaborative discipline. 

Transcendence is about SEEING things that we could not see before. Showing students a vision of the cosmos – or the micro-worlds of life living in a drop of rainwater; of displaying the invisible but nevertheless powerful connections between complex and abstract realities at work in the modern world. Making consequences tangible and impacts visible through augmented and virtual reality may provide humanity with whole new sets of powerful ways to give people the perspective and capacity to make better decisions and navigate the complex interconnected modern world. 

We are all pulled toward envisioning a better world. After a dark Winter, the Spring. Help iLRN play a role in helping shine a light toward ways we might go beyond our past and create in the future something new and full of possibilities for tomorrow’s learners. 

Join the community at iLRN 2021 and help us envision and create the future. TRANSCEND.