How to Present on the iLRN Virtual Campus

Welcome to presenting on the iLRN Virtual Campus!

 Presentation spaces will be set so that presenters can walk up on the stage and present. No special permissions are needed.

 For iLRN 2022, we would like our presenters to use the bookmark (star icon next to address bar)

 One you bookmark your presentation materials, the bookmark attaches to your avatar’s account and goes with you everywhere on Campus.

There are different format types that suit one-to-many presentations:

  • Slide-sharing
  • Screen-sharing
  • Videos
  • iLRN currently recommends using Google Slides as the most reliable method for slides.
  • Other services are recommended less because features are lost.
  • You may use any other web-based slide sharing platform like Microsoft Office PowerPoint online version.
  • You may use PowerPoint slides but the slides are each converted to HTML static pages.  There are no slide transitions or animations.
How to use Google Slides
    1. Once you have completed your presentation, click on Share
    2. Set your presentation so that “Anyone on the internet with this link can view
    3. Click on “Copy link”.
    4. Bring this link with you to your on Campus rehearsal.
    5. Paste that link and place it in the address bar.
    6. Press Enter.
    7. For “Start Presentation?” Click OK.

  1. When you mouse over the slides, the control bar will appear in the Presentation Tool window.

  1. Make sure you are on Slide 1. Click on the bookmark star.

Now your presentation is ready for you!

Would you like to practice? Here is a practice google slide presentation.


This works well for demonstrations or if you absolutely want your audience to see the same content in sync.

  1. Click on “Share your screen” button

  1. For “Share your desktop?” Click OK.

This shares your entire screen and only shares one monitor (cannot share from double monitors).

  1. Turn off screen sharing when you are done. (Hint: click back to a bookmark!)


Presenters may share links to videos from YouTube or other sources.  However, each avatar in the room is sent their own unique instance of the video, which means that the video does not necessarily sync for everyone in the room.  (For example, if an avatar arrives in the room when the video is playing for everyone else, it will play from the beginning for just that avatar.)  This can be jarring and annoying for the audience.

Best practice is for presenters to put a link to the video in the address bar, press enter, and then play (from the source site then being displayed on the web board.)

Then, once the video has played once, immediately replace the address bar with another source –for example clicking back to the bookmarked presentation.

Interact with your audience!

Don’t forget about your audience! Include them in your presentation:

  • You may mute and unmute the audience to take questions. Encourage the audience to use the Raise Hand button.
  • The chat pod may contain interesting questions or comments.
  • A moderator may accompany you with questions from other sources like Discord.
  • Ask the audience to respond to informal poll questions by using gestures like F1 (wave).

Tips and tricks

  • The “2” key on your keyboard is your laser pointer.  That only works when you point at a web board.
  • Presenting in a VR headset is highly discouraged, many of the presentation buttons do not appear for VR headset wearers.
  • Type  /talkinghands and hit enter in the chat pod and your avatar will look like it is explaining something.
  • Bring a friend who can act as your photographer or do an audience warm up like asking folks to do some gestures or do sound checks in the back of the room.