Invitation to participate in the ILRN MERLOT Immersive Environment

ilrn_merlotDear iLRN registered members,

On behalf of the Immersive Learning Research Network and MERLOT, we would like to invite you to consider joining the “Immersive Environments” Taskforce – intending to showcase useful examples in Higher Education of immersive learning across the disciplines within one of the largest and longest-running collections of learning materials in the world: MERLOT.

At the moment, we do not have an Editorial Board in Immersive Environments. Dr. Dennis Beck and I would like to build this group up which involves building the community as well as the collection of materials.

We would like to invite you to participate as a Taskforce Member for this area.  The responsibilities of the Taskforce are:

  • To participate in conference calls every other week.
  • To develop a taxonomy for how the materials will be catalogued in the new Immersive Environments collection.
  • To develop the collection of materials.
  • To develop learning assignments for some of the materials
  • To build the Immersive Environments Community Portal.

Once the collection has been catalogued we will begin the first stage of the Peer Review process, triage.  After the collection is triaged, the Taskforce will be ready to become an Editorial Board of MERLOT and begin the Peer Review Process.  Given that you have contributed to the Taskforce efforts, you will then be asked to be on that Editorial Board.

Benefits for you include:

  • Be recognized for innovations in teaching and technology
  • Enhance your own teaching skills through exposure to the work of others
  • Participate in grant opportunities
  • Be recognized as providing service to your discipline by your position on the Editorial Board.

We are asking for active, productive members of the ARIEL SIG and others in the educational research community to participate as we want to ensure that we have a high quality collection of materials that can be used as Immersive Environments and enhance our capacity to build a community around evidence-based practice using immersive learning environments.  Could you please let me know (offlist via jrichter {at} in your interest, qualifications (Higher Education and Immersive Learning expertise are both requirements), as well as your willingness and ability to commit to this project.

Once we have gathered sufficient numbers of qualifying Taskforce members, we will -together- map out the scope of work and timeline. 

Jonathon Richter 
iLRN Chair

If you haven’t registered yet to the Immersive Learning Research Network, visit until 2015 membership is free.