Oregon State University to Host First Event for Global Interdisciplinary Research Group on Nov 2014

Immersive Learning Research Network 1st Meeting & Virtual Symposium

banner_oregon_2014_ilrnCorvallis, Oregon, United States – September 10th, 2014 – In the near future, digital “immersive” learning experiences will deliver what will be the most powerful instances of formal education that some students have ever experienced, according to Jon Dorbolo, Associate Director of Oregon State University’s Technology Across the Curriculum (TAC).

Along with a cadre of fellow educational technology experts throughout the North West, Dorbolo has hosted an annual conference on immersive learning the past six (6) consecutive years. This year the event to be held on November 20, 21, and 22 on the Oregon State University campus marks the first that the local meetup / virtual simulcast event will be part of a larger, global research network.

Launched this summer, The Immersive Learning Research Network, or iLRN is an open, global network of people and organizations interested in the knowledge and best practices related to effective immersive learning experiences. The Oregon meeting and worldwide virtual symposium in November is iLRN’s opening event.

Video games, virtual worlds, and augmented reality apps all have enormous potential to transform the way people engage in meaningful, comprehensive learning”, says Dorbolo. “The dimensions of technical and applied expertise that goes into them is vast. This interdisciplinary research network is exciting because it’s going to bring the game designers, school architects, psychologists, philosophers, educators and others interested in immersive learning together for productive conversation in both informal as well as scholarly ways.

The Immersive Learning Research Network is reaching out to organizations, experts, and teacher practitioners of immersive experiences across the disciplines and around the world to join in a series of immersive learning activities and events. Details on the Oregon Meetup and Virtual Symposium and The iLRNetwork, itself – including how to join –  can be found at https://immersivelrn.org/