Real World Steps from Legacy Siloed Systems into Computer Mediated Reality By Nelson Vilhena

Nelson Vilhena


Real World Steps from Legacy Siloed Systems into Computer Mediated Reality

The Computer Mediated Reality is a real possible alternative to the common and more orthodox solutions for day-to-day businesses. Computer mediated reality solutions create very different interaction models between a human and a computer than those mainstream, which can easily be more “natural” and “intuitive” in many ways than the standard “point-click-select” direct manipulation paradigm of today. But as new interaction paradigms are being invented to better handle data and information we also need to assess how it will fit and be useful on real scenarios of use.

The Computer Mediated Reality solutions need to be thought through to fit the specifics of real jobs, able to handle data completeness, deal with workflows of data and workflows of human processes, need to be appropriate for “reality”, understanding “reality” yet as “that part of non-digital human existence on a tangible world”.

Design teams need to get the most clear picture possible of  what they are trying to solve in first place by actually knowing users, their tools, their processes, theirs work environments, their jobs, their mental models, their difficulties, their real scenarios of work,  knowing most of it by actually being exposed and immersed into those same situations. By doing this, in many cases, Computer Mediated Reality solutions start to emerge as real possibilities, leading to a better situation awareness level to users which may allow them to make better and faster decisions and take better and faster actions.

Nelson will provide different examples from real-world software design and development projects. He will discuss how Computer Mediated Reality tools could be real helpers and could address difficult interaction issues, much more than the solutions delivered. Also, he will give examples from:

  • A mission planning system for a multi-purpose military aircraft
  • A system for assessing diabetic retinopathy
  • A battle management system for the army
  • A system for managing business in a software company
  • A tool for balance load on hydro-power dams


nelson-vilhena3Nelson Vilhena is a user experience design expert and one of the most captivating interaction designer in CRITICAL Software which design software for both civil and military industries. Prior to joining CRITICAL Software, Nelson worked as a graphic designer with Francisco Providencia and then a designer in ALERT Life Sciences Computing to design clinical software systems for hospitals.

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During the last 18 years, CRITICAL Software has blazed an intense and determined trail, based on knowledge, creativity and innovation. The company has worked on many successful projects that have made a real impact on people’s lives and businesses. CRITICAL Software provides systems, software and data engineering services for safety, mission and business-critical applications.