Augmented Reality: the Emerging Trend in Education by Professor Minjuan Wang

Professor Minjuan Wang

Shanghai International Studies University (Oriental Scholar), China & San Diego State University, USA

Augmented Reality: the Emerging Trend in Education

Augmented Reality (AR) is the layering of virtual information over the real, 3-D world to produce a blended reality. AR has been considered a significant tool in education for many years. It adds new layers of interactivity, context, and information for learners which can deepen and enrich the learning experience. The combination of real and virtual allows the student to engage in learning about a topic from multiple perspectives and data sources at levels that are not always available in traditional classroom settings and interactions.
As the usage of mobile devices in formal settings continues to rise, so does the opportunity to harness the power of augmented reality (AR) to enhance teaching and learning. Many educators have experimented with AR, but has it proven to improve what students grasp and retain? Is AR just another fun way to engage students, with little transformation of learning? This keynote speaking will introduce augmented reality as an emerging trend in education, provide an overview of its current development, explore examples of curriculum integration, and also suggest approaches for success.


MinjuanWangProfessor Minjuan Wang is adjunct faculty at Shanghai International Studies University in China; Professor of Learning Design and Technology at San Diego State University (SDSU), and Program Manager in the Chancellor’s Office at California State University, both in the USA. Additionally, she is a research associate for British Telecom. Her current research specialties focus on the sociocultural aspects of online learning, mobile learning, intelligent systems, and cloud learning. Currently, she conducts research on teaching and learning in international multicultural settings and the use of mobile learning in formal and informal learning. Minjuan serves on the editorial boards for three outstanding journals: Open Education Research, International Journal on E-Learning (IJEL), and the Open Education Journal. She has also been a long-time reviewer for the premier journal—Educational Technology Research and Development, and a reviewer for more than 10 other international journals. In addition, she edited the Handbook of Research on Hybrid Learning Models. A winner of several research awards, Minjuan has more than 100 peer-reviewed articles published in premier journals, such as Educational Technology Research and Development, IEEE Transactions on Education, Computers and Education, British Journal of Educational Technology, and Educational Technology and Society. She has also published several book chapters on Best practices in teaching online or hybrid courses, Cross-cultural issues in online learning, Cybergogy for interactive learning online, and assessment of mobile learning in large classrooms. The Cybergogy for Engaged Learning Model she created has been recognized as an instructional design model (