Immersive Learning Research: The need, call, and proposed design for an open networked global community effort by Dr Jonathon Richter

Dr Jonathon Richter

Immersive Learning Research Network & Salish Kootenai College, USA

“Immersive Learning Research: The need, call, and proposed design for an open networked global community effort”

Learning in 3D is nothing new – indeed, situated learning is the original and most fundamental way that humans learn. But using digital technology in a 3D immersive way to enhance or create quality learning experiences has been big on promise but falling short on delivery for many years. This is changing in now through breakthroughs in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, haptic interfaces, and many other means, as we are experiencing a new wave of rapid innovation in immersive learning. However, many of the challenges experienced during the first wave of VR education in the 1990’s remain: fragmented disciplinary silos, proprietary firewalls, marketing hype vs reality, and a plethora of research and designs falling to the wayside rather than being used by others to improve upon future work. In this presentation, Dr. Jonathon Richter will highlight these challenges and discuss efforts of the Immersive Learning Research Network to solve them – stressing the need for an open networked community scholarly effort to research and showcase immersive learning “patterns” across the disciplines, including ways that researchers and focused efforts within particular organizations might benefit from partnerships and participation in this cross disciplinary international effort.


Jonathon Richter, Ed.D. is a former Research Associate at the Center for Advanced Technology in Education (CATE) at the University of Oregon and Assistant Professor of Graduate Education at Montana State University – Northern. Dr. Richter is presently the Executive Director of the Immersive Learning Research Network and Department Chair/Lead Instructor for Media Design, Film, and Television at Salish Kootenai College on the Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana. Richter’s current research is in Culturally Responsive Community-based Design and, naturally, Immersive Learning.