Let’s join forces to catalogue, share, and compare immersive learning experiences: An Invitation to ILRN’s MERLOT Immersive Environments Taskforce

by Jonathon Richter (University of Oregon) and Dennis Beck (University of Arkansas)

“What are some good examples of immersive learning environments “out there” for my students?” While this question has been asked for well over a decade and the possibility space has expanded and the design and delivery of immersive learning improved – the dearth of resources that span disciplines and highlight the different ways of “being immersive” has been elusive. Drs. Richter and Beck are calling on experts and practitioners to join ILRN to develop a working taxonomy and emergent community of practice for The Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teacher (MERLOT) – the world’s largest and longest-running collection of learning materials. Find out how to join us!