Minjuan Wang

Dr. Minjuan Wang is Professor of Learning, Design, and Technology at San Diego State University (SDSU), and was a distinguished visiting professor of Shanghai International Studies University and Shanghai Jiaotong University. She also worked as a project manager for the Chancellor’s Office of CSU (California State University, where she assisted in forming two IEEE-sponsored editorial boards for the MERLOT project.

In her 18 years at SDSU, she teaches Methods of Inquiry, Designing and Developing Learning for the Global Audience, Mobile learning design, Technologies for Course Delivery, and Technologies for Teaching. Her research specialties are multidisciplinary, focusing on the sociocultural aspects of online learning, mobile learning, Augmented Reality, Social media, and intelligent classrooms. She is a chief editor for one computer science journal (Emerging Technologies and Pedagogies in Education), and also serves on editorial boards for four other education technology journals: Open Education Research, International Journal on E-Learning (IJEL), the Open Education Journal, and Journal of Information Technology Application in Education.

As a winner of several research awards, Minjuan is recognized as one of the high impact authors in blended and mobile learning. She has more than 100 peer-reviewed articles published in premier journals and conference proceedings, including Educational Technology Research and Development, IEEE Transactions on Education, and British Journal of Educational Technology. She was a keynote and invited speaker to more than 20 international conferences. In addition, she is also an accomplished creative writer. Her recent Novel–Walking in this Beautiful World—has inspired many young people around the world.