Moving Immersive Learning Research Forward by Ben Erlandson

YDaeninck_Ben Erlandson_04As we continue to bring the Immersive Learning Research Network to scale, what are some practical ways forward for collaboration across key stakeholders with various levels of participation in this network?  Highlighting several key exemplars presented at iLRN 2016, as well as additional examples from ongoing development projects at McKinsey Social Initiative, Dr. Erlandson will look across learning environments, modalities, and spaces to discuss a learning systems approach as a pragmatic way forward for better understanding and continued support of lifelong learning (or, life as learning) across the spectrum of immersion, reaching across many of the special tracks pursued at iLRN 2016.  Major topics covered include learning systems, assessment, communities of practice and social learning, systems thinking, and how practical collaboration to solve real eco-socio-technical problems can actually manifest between designers, developers, researchers, and governments.


About Ben Erlandson

Dr. Ben Erlandson is Chief Technology Officer of McKinsey Social Initiative, a nonprofit which brings together expert problem solvers to develop innovative approaches to complex social challenges. He is passionate about building efficient and effective technological platforms to support and enhance organizational performance. Ben has designed and developed learning and assessment systems and materials for a wide variety of domains across the globe, including: urban hospitals, libraries, and museums, as well as formal and informal learning spaces for K-­12, university, and corporate settings. His research and development work has been published extensively in peer reviewed academic journals, and he co-authored the textbook Design for Learning in Virtual Worlds. Ben is Past Chair of the Technology, Instruction, Cognition, and Learning SIG of the American Educational Research Association, as well as an Associate Editor of Technology, Knowledge, and Learning. He holds a Ph.D. in Educational Technology from Arizona State University, an M.A. in New Media Production from Emerson College, and a B.A. in Multimedia Arts and Sciences from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. He lives in Alexandria, VA.