Practitioner’s project presentation at iLRN2019: VR for Good: Immersive Experiences for Diversity & Inclusion

From Z-School:

Lisa Short and Dr. Craig Vezina

Director of Transformation & Frontier Technology and Executive Director respectively from Z-School 


VR for Good: Immersive Experiences for Diversity & Inclusion.

Z-School is curating a cumulative ‘living digital story book’ towards a new paradigm for all women through immersive storytelling as part of its 5 Futures initiative around Sustainable Develop Goal #5: Gender Equality. Now growing this project on a global scale, the initial inspiration was the work of Geoff Blackwell,  Ruth Hobday and photographer Kieran E Scott, 200 Women: Who will change the way you see the world. This landmark project is the product of an epic global journey to find two hundred women with diverse backgrounds, and to ask them what really matters to them.  Building on 200 Women and other important projects giving voice to women globally, Z-School is using the cutting-edge VR immersive platform to scale virtual experiences, assess engagement and, very importantly, continue to widen the circle of voices around gender, opportunity and human rights.



Lisa Short
Founder | Changer Convener | Collaborator | Ambassador | Social & Educational LeaderRecognised as visionary and multi-dimensional thinker who builds, connects, catalyzes and enriches global communities, ecosystems and resources that deliver solutions to global challenges. Neoteric thinking, challenging the state of play, and disrupting the norm whilst embracing the rapidly advancing potential of frontier technology such as blockchain and VR/AR keeps Lisa at the forefront of pioneering positive change impacting the future of work, future of learning and tech for good. Big challenges require big solutions and never be afraid to deliver them is a mantra that drives Lisa forward.Lisa is Director of Transformation and Frontier of Technologies for Z-School as well the Founder of Mind Shifting, the Global Parity Alliance & Index, Strategic Advisor to EWOR, STEM Learning UK Ambassador, and Ambassadors for the Smart Universities Foundation, The genAlpha Project, HundrED and the Gomo Foundation. The common underpinning theme International collaboration, better business, technology, education and women’s leadership. Lisa undertakes international bespoke change consultancy projects with business and organizations genuinely seeking strategy and deliverable change. Lisa is regularly engaged as an international events speaker, delivering the message that action not talk is crucial for the economy, particularly in the area of improving business, frontier technology & parity. Lisa’s paradigm is a world where we achieve the UN SDG’s and build our future together as one community, with parity across gender, age, education, innovation and global citizenship.

Dr. Craig Vezina
President of the VRARA Paris Chapter and Executive Director of ZSchool, which facilitates education, innovation, and social impact partnerships for future-facing schools, organizations, and businesses. In partnership with Ubisoft, he co-founded the company, which develops interactive AR experiences to enhance understanding of history and culture. For nearly two decades, Craig served in leading international schools, most recently as Dean at the American School of Paris. As a HundrED Ambassador for change, he identifies & recommends education innovations that positively impact the way we learn, with a particular focus on AR & VR applications. Craig is a past recipient of summer fellowships from the National Association of Independent Schools, Office of Overseas Schools & Harvard’s Project Zero and, most recently, was awarded the Innovation Fellowship by the Educational Collaborative of International Schools. Craig currently serves on the IEEE ICICLE XR SIG & co-chairs the Global AR/VR Association’s Committee for Tourism& Culture. He is also a regular speaker at education & technology conferences, including the ChangeNow Summit, SXSWedu, EdTechX, ConnecTechAsia and the Global Solutions Forum. Craig received his Ph.D in international diplomacy from the Center of Diplomatic & Strategic Studies after earning his BA at Bowdoin College & MA at Columbia University in NY.