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This tier includes sponsorship of the State of XR and Immersive Learning project, which is being undertaken in collaboration with the IEEE Digital Reality Initiative (DRI) and the IEEE IC Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering (ICICLE). This project will combine a systematic review and synthesis of the scholarly evidence and knowledge base on XR and immersive learning with a Delphi-inspired environmental scanning and forecasting exercise in the vein of the Horizon Project series. The goals are to: (a) distill key research findings on “what works” in the use of XR and immersive technologies for supporting and enhancing learning; (b) identify the technological, pedagogical, and relevant innovations in the XR and immersive learning arena that exhibit most promise, along with the major trends and challenges related to their adoption and implementation over the next five years; and (c) highlight priority areas in need of further exploration, investigation, and development.

Key benefits:

Includes all of the benefits of the Silver tier, plus the following:

  • Sponsored keynote or featured speaker at iLRN Annual Conference
  • Official sponsor of livestreamed webcast of one of the following:
    • iLRN Annual Conference (North America or Europe);
    • “XR & Immersive Learning Environments” Special Track at IEEE TALE conference (Asia-Pacific);
    • Other satellite conferences/workshops (e.g., Special Session on Immersive Learning at the Computer Science and Electronic Engineering Conference [CEEC] in the UK)
  • Choice of one of the following:
    • Co-designed 30-second ad at the start or end of one episode per week of “The Versatilist” podcast series;
    • Co-designed product placement or 15-second ad within featured weekly videos on YouTube channel;
    • Co-authored featured column on iLRNetwork blog
  • Official sponsor of the iLRN “Learn Across Realities” Research & Development Methods Online Network Forum;
  • iLRNLabs research “matchmaking,” review, and dissemination service for one research project* during the sponsorship year, including:
    • One-hour online consultation with an iLRN Board member to help determine research needs, scope, and potential approaches/methodologies;  
    • Assistance sourcing and recruiting potential research team members most suited to the research project, based on their experience, interests and expertise (via iLRN member database and/or an open call for proposals);
    • Independent, iLRN-facilitated peer review of project results and findings;
    • Assistance with dissemination of project results and findings, including possible publication of a report or white paper (following peer review) in the iLRN Immersive Learning Monograph Series
  • Option to make two approved postings per quarter to the iLRN member e-mail list
  • Five complimentary registrations for the iLRN Annual Conference


*Does not include the cost of undertaking the research project itself. iLRN is also able to offer a complete, “turnkey” solution including facilitation and management of an entire research project from inception to completion, the cost of which varies according to the nature and scope of the project.

Decision of whether or not to publish the report or white paper to be jointly made by iLRN and the sponsor.

These numbers are inclusive of those included in the previous tiers.

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