Presented at iLRN Corvallis, Oregon 2014 Meetup “Immersed in the Future, Together: Scholarship, Experience, and Community”.

Presentation Name
Innovations of Artificial Intelligence in 3D Environments for Pedagogy by Noha Saleeb (Middlesex University)
Write365: Learning Writing by Doing by Mark Dinsmore (Oregon State University)
FELIX: a virtual learning environment and an intelligent tutoring system to learn and apply Fire Safety by Béatrice Moissinac (Oregon State University)
Transmedia, Narrative and Ecology: An Immersive Environment Case Study by Carlos Sanchez-Lozano (Haptic Mind)
Exploring a touch-driven foundation for assessing immersive learning with data: Direct Measurement of Graphing Performance by Ben Erlandson (VESIC Institute)
Educational Research and ILRN: The ARiEL View on Immersive Learning by Krista Terry, Program Chair for ARiEL SIG (Appalachian State University)
The WAVE Project at Oregon State University by Siew Sun and Béatrice Moissinac (Oregon State University)
UNIZIN and Next Generation Digital Learning by Lois Brooks (Oregon State University)
Let’s join forces to catalogue, share, and compare immersive learning experiences: An Invitation to ILRN’s MERLOT Immersive Environments Taskforce by Jonathon Richter (University of Oregon) and Dennis Beck (University of Arkansas)
From Playing to Making in STEAM: Immersion through Collaborative Game Design by Jeffrey Sens (Pixel Arts) and Will Lewis (PIGsquad)
“Dr. Tech’s Top Ten Countdown: Interactive games in the classroom” by Jon Dorbolo (Oregon State University)
 “The Fractal Self at Play” by Michael Nevins
“Creating Expert Accredited Community to Augment Persistent Immersive Learning” by Ran Hinrichs (University of Washington)


Thank you to all the attendants and presenters for their participation and enthusiasm at the event. We also would like to thank our host, Oregon State University, and particularly to Jon DorboloKimmy Hescock and Jonathon Richter for their support in the organization and success of iLRN’s inaugural event.

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