The winner of the micro-SFP challenge at iLRN 2016 is…

csf_ilrn16_banner_300x500Conference attendees were invited to enter a competition to write an individual µSFP describing how they foresaw immersive learning technologies and pedagogies changing the nature of future education.  Twitter was used to collect competition entries which restricted stories to 129 characters (around 20 words). The top 3 µSFPs (as voted by attendees) received a certificate and a prize (Amazon vouchCSfLogoers; $100 first price, $50 for 2nd and 3rd prizes) which were presented at the closing session of iLRN 2016.

This event was organised in collaboration with the Creative Science Foundation.


  1. Carly Kocurek (1st place – $100)
  2. Johanna Pirker (2nd place – $50)
  3. Jon Richter (3rd place – $50).

Thank you to all the participants!

All Micro-SFP Competition Entries


  • Dennis Beck, University of Arkansas, USA
  • Vic Callaghan, University of Essex, UK
  • Michael Gardner, University of Essex, UK
  • Christian Gütl, Graz University of Technology, Austria
  • Leonel Caseiro Morgado, Universidade Aberta, Portugal
  • Anasol Peña-Rios, University of Essex, UK
  • Jonathon Richter, Salish Kootenai College, USA
  • Hsuan-Yi Wu (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

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