VR Day on the iLRN Virtual Campus

come to iLRN 2021 VR Day on the iLRN Virtual Campus

Saturday, November 20th 

on the iLRN Virtual Campus (powered by Virbela)


come to iLRN 2021 VR Day on the iLRN Virtual Campus

Free and open to the public

iLRN Latin America

iLRN Latin America VR Day: Virtual

 Reality Day LATAM

iLRN Portugal

Universidade Aberta de Portugal projects at the INESC TEC Nucleus

Projects VRTrainingIndustry (with Vestas) and SCReLProg (with Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Universidade de Aveiro and cidtff – Didática e Tecnologia na Formação de Formadores)

iLRN Canada

University of Saskatchewan: Extended Realities in Teacher Education. The showcase will highlight technical and pedagogical innovations for engaging teachers and teacher candidates through a range of immersive learning experiences.

Georgian CollegeVR is being used for architectural technology, Indigenous language studies, Biotech, paramedic, adv care paramedic, nursing, event management, tourism, trades, power engineering.

11:00 am Eastern; VR Day Blue Conference Hall – Brock University

Brock University: Text and video-based cases are often used to teach accounting students how to solve ethical issues in managerial accounting. However, responses to these dilemmas often represent what students think they should do and not what they would do. For this study, we created a virtual reality (VR) environment and tested whether experiencing ethical dilemmas in VR can trigger responses that more closely reflect real-life decisions. Our VR environment mimicked the office setting of a car manufacturer and, after being exposed to an unethical organizational climate, made participants choose between saving the organization 200 million dollars or risking the life of 180 customers. We compared the results of the VR simulation to video and text-based versions of the scenario and found that people experiencing the office environment in VR were more likely to save money for the organization. While this sounds bad, it unfortunately more accurately represents what employees do. Overall, we believe that VR can be used to better explain to students why employees act unethically and teach them strategies to stay true to their values when faced with organizational pressure to act unethically.

Bow Valley College: The Practical Nursing program at Bow Valley College will be exploring the learning that took place in through the development and adoption of the Virtual Realty Focused Assessment (VRFA)tool. Through recognizing the benefits of VR in teaching and learning, validating VR as a teaching and learning tool and VR adoption into program courses, our program has identified a multipronged approach which will we believe lead to additional VR integration in our program and the college.

Guided Tours of the Immersive Learning Research Network virtual campus powered by Virbela

4:00pm Eastern – meet on the Orange Circle by the Welcome Area / Info Desk

5:00 pm Eastern – meet on the Orange Circle by the Welcome Area / Info Desk

Happy Hour & Virtual Dinner in Haptics: Mixed Reality Lounge and Supper Club

6:00 pm Eastern