watch “Virtual Reality & Unlearning: Empowering Transformation”

iLRN2018 keynote by Chris Dede of Harvard University

Chris Dede's slides for his presentation on Virtual Reality and Unlearning available below

How do people best UnLearn things and overcome the automaticity that they previously developed over time?

Dr Chris Dede has had a giant influence on the interdisciplinary “field” of immersive learning. Chris has been leading research in emerging technologies for learning for decades, helping to develop policies for educational technologies, working with scholars and practitioners to put together the emerging innovation ecosystem for immersive potential, and providing leadership in educational innovation, nationally and worldwide. He’s a gentleman and a scholar in the truest sense. We count ourselves very fortunate that Chris agreed to keynote iLRN 2018 and his continued involvement developing our global network community and ontology.

Watch the opening introduction and welcome to the Immersive Learning Research Network’s 4th annual conference in Missoula, Montana by iLRN Executive Director Jonathon Richter followed by Chris Dede’s presentation, “Virtual Reality and UnLearning: Empowering Transformation.

Chris Dede, Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies in the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University

Dr. Dede’s presentation begins around the 33 minute mark in the video. This is the first time Chris has presented this particular talk – uncovering some of the fundamentals on the way that human beings encode what they learn — and how difficult it is to reframe things that, over time, become automatic. This is a problem for people, organizations, and nations alike. 

When people want to voluntarily change something that they’ve previously learned… how do they best do that? Dede has some intriguing insights into this important question – something that many people struggle with – indeed, something that appears to be an accelerating problem in today’s increasingly complex, fast-paced, and interconnected world. 

Chris Dede’s slides for his presentation on Virtual Reality and Unlearning available below

Chris was generous enough to share his slides and offered them for sharing to the public. These are available for download and use below. 

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