Invitation to join iLRN: A New Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Network to Study, Design, and Showcase Immersive Learning

invitation_logoUniversity of Essex, Colchester, England, July 14th, 2014 – An international group of researchers, learning organizations, and teaching practitioners announced today the formation of a worldwide interdisciplinary effort to better define, share, and promote the emergent and practical means for learning in digitally-enhanced “immersive” contexts. The Immersive Learning Research Network, or iLRN, invites developers, educators, researchers, and business professionals working to join and collaborate to develop the scientific, technical, and applied potential of immersive learning.

iLRN’s founding board of directors note that there has been growing organizational efforts and innovation focusing on the use of immersive techniques to situate effective learning experiences dating as far back as the late 1980’s.  However, they note, a functional infrastructure and means for researchers to collaborate across the disciplines and around the world is conspicuously absent. The Immersive Learning Research Network aims to fill that gap by promoting an open interdisciplinary research agenda, global forums, and a comprehensive scholarly toolset for those seriously involved in producing and understanding immersive learning experiences.

In addition to offering free membership to professionals who join before the July 2015 First iLRN Annual Meeting, the new research network is acquiring key partnerships with organizations and institutions with complementary missions.  Of this capacity, Dr. Amy Cheney, Chair of The Applied Research in Immersive Environments for Learning SIG of the American Educational Research Association said, “This is an exciting partnership opportunity for ARiEL SIG, one potentially of great benefit to our members. Leveraging the knowledge and capacity of international scholars in immersive environments to both help define this space and grow the knowledge base will be an tremendous benefit for all researchers and practitioners in the field”.

 To join the Immersive Learning Research Network or find out more about the planned July 2015 meeting in Prague, CZ and other initiatives, visit